Tips to Make A Perfect Photo Wall

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Photo walls are becoming one of the trendiest wall decoration ideas. Whether you are adding them to your bedroom, living room or on corridors, they are a great way to cover the empty spans of walls in your home while also keeping some of your fondest memories close to you. But in order to make sure that your photo wall comes our perfect and Instagram worthy, there are few things that you have to do. Take a look at the following to figure out what they are.

Pick a Style

So, what is going to be your style? Are you going to stick to the boho college room décor style and have photo lines with lights? Or are you going to make a DIY photo hanger? Or will it be a large wall full of framed photos? Your style will depend on a few factors. Where are you going to have it and how much space do you have? What is the theme you are preferring and what style of photos you like? These things will help you to come up with a photo wall style that suits your space the most.

Edit and Choose Your Photos

Once you have figured out your style, then you will know how much photos you can include in your space. Polaroids will give you the chance to use more photos even in the smaller spaces.  If you do not have a polaroid camera, then there are mobile apps that you can use to convert your photos into polaroid style before printing. Or you can use the simple picture postcard size.

This might take slightly larger space than polaroid pictures but you can still use this in smaller spaces like bedroom walls over above the bedpost. You can display your pictures with picture frames in places like the living room. This will allow you to cover larger spaces. You can use different filters to edit your photos.

picture frames
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Shop for Accessories

Once your photos are ready, you can shop for other items you need for decorating. If you are sticking to the photo lines, you will need cords or decorative threads and clips to hand the photos. If you prefer fairy lights or any other form of light lines, you can easily buy fairy lights. These come in various lengths so you can measure your space and choose the size you want.

But if you are going to have the framed pictures you need to decide on what kind of frames – size, design and shape – you want. There are also other styles like DIY photo hangers. For this you will need any form of hanger – a decorated clothes hanger/ a tree branch etc. Tie chords alone the hanger and pin your photos in vertical lines.

A photo wall is one of the easiest ways to decorate the walls. When you know the right way to do it and the right supplies to buy, you can even make it yourself. Most of the items you will need will be available in your local store or online stores.


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