Tips for Sprucing up Your Ageing Bathroom

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Ageing Bathroom

As bathrooms get old, they lost their appeal and their functionality. The sinks and the tubs can get rusty and too old to use. Even if everything works fine, you may not like the older design of your bathroom. Not to worry; there are plenty of ways to upgrade an older bathroom. You won’t even have to spend a lot of money either, if you really don’t want to. Here are several useful tips that will help you redesign your older bathroom into a chic new one with modern facilities:

Replace Wall Tiles With Moss Tiles

If you have never heard of moss tiles before, they are basically tiles with non-intrusive moss grown in. They can make bathrooms look stunning and quite al fresco. Also, in the summer, the moss will naturally keep the bathroom cool so you don’t have to leave doors open to allow the air conditioning inside (which is really a waste of money).

Neutralize Tile Colour

Your older bathroom belongs to a bygone era where baby pink, blue and green tiles and matching fixtures were the hippest things around. Now you probably can’t do enough to get rid of the garish colours. If you don’t have the money to redo the entire wall and floor plan, you can opt to neutralize the awful colours. The best options is to use dark-toned wallpaper, which will immediately cancel out the sickly sweet aura emanated by nineties bath tiles.

Find New Uses For Old Wallpaper

Got rolls of old wallpaper wasting away in the basement? You can put them to good and sensible use in your ageing bathroom. Add contrasting colours and appealing looks by wallpapering the bathroom cabinets and drawers. Make sure the wallpaper doesn’t match the tiles. If they do, then you won’t be making much of an improvement (other than covering up old looking cabinets).

Buy State-Of-The-Art Heating Equipment

You can increase the appeal of the bathroom buy installing a hip new heat lamp to improve ventilation during colder months. Brands like IXL Tastic can add taste with the new equipment as well.

Hunt For Cool Lighting Fixtures

You can instantly make a boring bathroom look cool using artsy lighting fixtures. You can surround an overhead light with a mini chandelier. Some fixtures can make your bathroom look like a forest. Some look like balloons. the point is, a very unique looking light fixture can make even the oldest bathroom look awesome.

Install New Flooring

If you have the money, you can redo the flooring of the bathroom. There are many new materials you can choose now like vinyl and resin. Also, tile patterns have gone a long way. You can give your bathroom floor a wooden look (without the hassle of wood) by using patterned ceramic tiles. The options you have for great bathroom flooring is endless.

Repaint An Old Nightstand And Use It For Towel Storage

Need more storage space in your bathroom? Find an old or useless nightstand, repaint it, and use it to store towels, toiletries and other items.

Use the above tips to bring your older bathroom to the modern, space efficient era.


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