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Paradise Beach, Mykonos

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Paradise Beach

If you are the sort that enjoys crowds, glamor, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, Mykonos has all that you need. The most versatile and popular Greek island, Mykonos has night clubs, beachside parties, churches, archaeological sites, and taverns. And Paradise Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos. 

Traveling to the beach

Located on the south side of the island, it is just 5 km from the town and 3 km from the airport. You can easily reach the beach by bus or a taxi ride. Boats from Plati Yialos also take you directly to the beach.

From Athens, there are regular ferry and hydrofoil services from the Piraeus Port and Rafina Port. Mykonos also has easy access to other Greek Islands, which makes it definitely worth for a stay.

The beach & the area

Paradise beach has all kinds of restaurants and snack bars that serve a variety of Greek cuisine. Those looking for souvenirs need not go further than the mini market and boutiques situated right there on the beach.


Bike rentals on Paradise beach provide reliable scooters and small cars to explore the whole island.

Paradise Club is one of the biggest and most popular nightclubs of Europe and offers the hottest and most amazing night to be had.

For the quieter spirits seeking only to relax and unwind, there is no better place to do so than by the beachside bars and lounges that offer a variety of exotic cocktails and music. And for those who seek adventure and excitement, there is nothing better than the thrilling water sports that take place on Paradise beach.

Hotels near the beach

The popularity of Paradise beach as a tourist spot means that there is no dearth of accommodation to be had. For example:

  • Carbonaki Hotel Mykonos
    3 stars
  • Paradise Beach Resort and Camping
  • Paradise View Hotel
    2 stars
  • Super Paradise
    1 stars
  • Petasos Beach Hotel & Spa
  • San Giorgio


  • Lifeguard
  • Toilets
  • Watersports
  • Changing Rooms
  • Sunbeds
  • Umbrellas

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