Must-Have Equipment for Your Home Theatre

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Whether you’re doing a house remodel or building a new area in your home, you definitely have a list of essential items that you will buy. It is the same when you’re planning to create your own home Theatre. You need to list down the key items that you need to build a home Theatre that suits your preferences and needs. You don’t need to buy all that equipment you see in store. Simply invest on the key equipment and you’ll definitely have a home Theatre system up and ready.

Here is the basic equipment almost every home Theatre system needs for start-up.


Whether it is a TV or a projector with screen, you’ll need something where you could display your movie or any media. If you love watching movies, investing in a bigger HD screen is really worth it and would make your viewing experience a lot better. If you love gaming, wider screens and equipment that could accommodate your gaming accessories is what you need to invest in.


Of course, your entertainment experience won’t be complete if you don’t have a good sound system. Many professionals recommend a 5.1 surround sound setup for regular home Theatres. This means that you have 3 speakers in front, 2 surround speakers and a subwoofer for awesome sound quality. You can also add more speaker into the setup depending on the size of your entertainment room.

Media Source

Your HD screen and awesome sound system setup would be useless if you don’t have a good source equipment where you could play media. You’ll need a media player and your cable TV source so you have something to display on the screen. Although it may cost a little more but most experts recommend Blu-ray players than regular ones. They have a wider range when it comes to functionality so you’ll get the best of your investment.


A home Theatre system is never complete without a surround receiver. It is the device needed to process the audio and video signals plus amplify them all. Your receiver must be compatible with all the other equipment in your home Theatre or it won’t work. Newer versions such as this Sonos Playbase are networkable, meaning you could hook it up into your home Wi-Fi and stream music or videos from your phone or PC.

HDMI Cable

HDMI cables are important in connecting your video input to output so you can enjoy a high-definition picture of what you’re watching. HDMI cables work well with newer devices. However, if you have older equipment in your home Theatre, they might not have HDMI inputs on them. You’ll need the older setup instead which consists of separate video and audio cables to feed media into the output. If you want a better picture, try upgrading into newer equipment instead.

Once you’ve already had this essential equipment ready, you can now start enjoying your very own home Theatre system perfectly tailored to suit the kind of entertainment that you prefer.


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