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Mermerli Beach, Antalya

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A small and private beach in the Antalya province, Mermerli beach is surrounded by cliffs and lush vegetation.

This along with the crystalline blue waters of the Mediterranean sea makes it a perfect spot to lie back and enjoy nature in all its glory, with the comfort of all facilities available at hand.

On the beach, there are sun loungers available to rent. Waiters from the restaurant above will bring you food and refreshments, which makes it a pretty relaxing experience to visit this beach.

The beach is in close proximity to the historic city of Kaleici, so you can find accommodation here easily.

Accessing the beach

The entry to the Mermerli beach is possible through a restaurant at the top of the cliffs. From there you have to climb down along steps to get to the beach.

Please note, that there is an entrance fee.

Hotels near the beach

  • Hotel Aspen
    3 stars
  • Puding Marina Residence
    4 stars
  • Deja Vu Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Frankfurt
    2 stars
  • Grand Angel Boutique Hotel
  • Mediterra Art Hotel
    4 stars
  • Dogan Hotel
    3 stars


  • Sunbeds
  • Umbrellas

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