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The world of fashion is fickle. What’s trendy today may not be trendy tomorrow or the next day anymore. That’s why you don’t have to follow trends all the time. You can follow yours and own it. Remember, the key to pulling all your outfits off is by confidently wearing them.

If you’re a guy, fashion may be unimportant to you. Maybe you think it’s a waste of money but it’s not. Dressing well is necessary most especially if you’re working in the corporate industry. If you don’t dress well, chances are, the people around you won’t take you seriously. To help build your wardrobe, read on.

Basic White T-Shirt

A basic white t-shirt is both man and woman’s wardrobe essential. It’s classic and versatile that’s why it’s a crowd favourite. You can match it with almost any outfit that you have. If you want to wear it to the office, you can wear a blazer over it.

Tailored Suit

Every man should own at least 1 to 2 tailored suits in his closet. That’s why it’s important for you to have one, too. You can’t only wear it in formal events but every day as well. If you want to look casual wearing a suit, pair it with white sneakers. If you want to shop for tailored suits Sydney has the best shops that offer it.

tailored suits sydney
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Shop for a grey sweatshirt that you can wear from day to night. You can wear it over a white collared or crewneck shirt. You can even wear it to gym, too. It can’t only make you look smart but help you feel warm as well.

Oxford Shirt

If you wish to put some elegance to your get-up, an oxford shirt is the perfect choice. There are many ways to wear it. You can wear it open with a white tee inside or couple it with a blue suit. Have a couple of this if you want to achieve a dapper look all the time.

Go-to Denim Jeans

You may be wearing a lot of pyjamas lately because of the Coronavirus but it is still essential to invest in a few pairs of go-to denim jeans. Make sure that the denim jeans fit you perfectly. So, take time to shop around. You can easily pair it with your favourite loafers or white sneakers.


Get a few pairs of jogger pants specifically this year where meetings through Zoom are popular because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, you can wear jogger pants without a hitch. Just pair them with your favourite footwear and you’re good to go.


Get a good night’s sleep by wearing comfortable pyjamas. When shopping for a set of pyjamas, be sure to focus on the fabric. The fabric preference depends on you. You may want a silk pyjama but the others find it too slippery. It’s vital to choose a fabric that you’d feel most comfortable in. Of course, see to it that they actually fit.

Besides this list, shop for an oversized hoodie and a few pairs of black trousers.


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