Ideas for Decorating Your Hall or Lobby Area

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bench seat

Whether it be your home, hotel, resort, restaurant, shopping complex or any foyer, entrance hall and reception area, people take efforts to keep them attractive and inviting. They invest largely in financial and human resources and most of their time on beautifying these halls or lobby areas of their homes and buildings. However unfortunately, many do not succeed in this endeavour, since they do not understand the factors that really attract people. So here are a few ideas on how you can really do it.

Installing Warm Lights

Warm light which includes natural light and light produced via LED and incandescent light bulbs both are considered the most comfortable and relaxing for the eyes. Many people use warms lights in such places, but sadly, the reality of how this could affect a person is been interpreted wrongly by the majority. The next thing worth considering would be the light holder. Today, the modern market is populated with diverse holder designs and architecture.

Throwing in A Cool Pattern for Flooring and Ceiling

It is not just the lights; flooring and the ceiling is what your hall or lobby is basically covered with. These can transform even something usually dull and gloomy like a lobby into a stylish room. Some tips to master this art would be using colourful tiles, throwing in an original tile pattern in a way to give the floor a cooler look. Creating patterns on the ceiling could also add to the overall finished and polished look.

bench seat
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Choosing the Ideal Seating Pattern

Are you still cracking your brains trying to think of the best way to arrange the seating area? No doubt this is something you should give much thought on. Your guests need to be able to see each other, they should feel comfortable, easy and relaxed, also you may need to host many guests at the same time, and these are the questions you need to ponder. Populating the corners with benches while freeing the doorway is a practice that is often seen in many such places. However, having a bench seat at the entrance to the hall or lobby could give the hall a more sophisticated look.

Giving A Touch of Greens

What wrong can there be in giving a touch of greens into your halls? Nature has always been the best beautifier in any place, whether it be in your hall or in a lobby. Nature is said to calm a person’s soul. Especially if you are a doctor with patients waiting down the lobby for your care, or a mother waiting proudly for the arrival of her guests, definitely greens should top your list.

Flowers would be the next alternative for decorating halls and lobby areas. This is a more common practice in households since it requires more care and time. They add up to the presence of beauty and innocence in the place.

These ideas, once implemented should no doubt leave you eager and counting fingers for the next guest.


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