How Footwear for Diabetes Can Improve Your Health

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Undoubtedly, a few diseases cause permanent damages. For instance, severe blood pressure can lead to paralysis, while diabetes can lead to amputation. Therefore, proper medical care is required to prevent these conditions from getting severe. Diabetes is directly linked with the sugar levels in the blood.

Thus, people experience the deadly threat of amputation. It is due to the reduction in sensation and limited blood flow in their feet. Hence, when these two issues combine, it causes one to experience ulcers and infections- which can result in amputation. According to the statistics, 60 percent of individuals aged 20 or above, undergo amputation due to diabetes.

Does this mean there is no bright side to it? 

Of course, there is a piece of good news. One can avoid this obstacle of amputation by visiting the doctors on a regular basis. Hence, with the podiatrist’s medical treatment, preventive care, and proper footwear, one does not have to worry.

What is diabetic footwear?

As mentioned above, the proper footwear is diabetic footgear. You must be wondering what great can shoes do, but do not fall into that trap. Think about it, each event, has a special shoe. For instance, a jogger doesn’t wear weightlifters’ shoes, runners do not wear slippers and, hikers do not wear an athlete’s shoe.

It is because, these shoes do not support their cause; therefore, they opt in to choose the shoes that are beneficial for them. An example, the athletes choosing spiked shoes to boost their speed on the track.

Likewise, diabetic shoes Australia made specially designed to provide support to patients. It protects the feet from skin breakdowns that can cause ulcers and sores. 

Why is diabetic shoe important?

These shoes not only provide comfort but also provide proper protection. In diabetics, the risk of causing injuries on the foot is very high. It is due to a lack of blood circulation. Hence, it makes the legs weaker and prone to damages- which can take way longer to heal.

Let us understand; that a simply sore is enough to worsen the situation. Perhaps, this sore can develop into a wound, followed by an ulcer, and result in an infection- without one even realizing it! Hence, then leading to an amputation,

How does a diabetic shoe help?

  • The shoes provide equal comfort like any other regular shoes
  • It prevents ulcer formation
  • The interior of the shoes is made, particularly, from soft material. It is to stop causing irritation on the sole
  • The shoes are spacious. Hence, bunions and other toe-related wounds can be avoided
  • The shoes also have a firm heel stand that offers stability
  • The ankle is supported with a padded collar

And the list goes on. Furthermore, the diabetic insoles present in the diabetic shoes also improve the blood circulation in the feet. However, one should consult a doctor before purchasing this medical wear. They are able to guide you with the best option and most suitable footwear for your feet.


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