Enjoy the Wilds of the Smokies

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One of the most attractive locations on the nation’s East Coast is less than a day’s drive from the Tidewater area.  A trip to Great Smokey Mountains National park is not only a great sightseeing adventure, but also offers numerous opportunities to indulge in many outdoor activities.  One can begin the day dining at one of the great country breakfast shops anywhere in the communities in Eastern Tennessee or Western North Carolina.  Then take a hike on the many trails that go through the mountains that make up the National Park.  Make certain you have your outdoor gear from Merrell and hopefully you’ve purchased boots and backpacks with a Groupon to use when hiking the steep trails that wander through the foot peaks that make up much of the Park.

When you reach one of the lakes or brooks you can take a few minutes to try your hand at catching some trout with the fishing gear you bought using the Groupon promo code for Merrell special sales.  Bring along a comfortable stool and plenty of bait.  I have found the most enjoyable part of fishing to be the sense of being in tune with the natural elements around you.  Enjoy the sounds and feel of being outdoors in your natural surroundings.  It makes one grateful for those who had the foresight to preserve the area for future generations.  Once you’ve made your catch you can either prepare it for your dinner, or toss it back for the next fisherman to meet.  I like to toss them back because I am not the world’s best cook.  Besides, some of the best meals you can find are sold at the restaurants you can go to around the Park.  I like to support them with my patronage because they make a major contribution to the area’s atmosphere and character.  Also, they cook some really great food!

Those more interested in hiking can take the trail to much of the most beautiful locations in the Smokies.  There are many outlooks and viewpoints, along with sites that have significant historical status.  And you are close to the start of the Tennessee River watershed, with Fontana Dam and lake at the far western end of the Park on the Little Tennessee River.  It is all worthy of multiple visits and exploration.


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