Brands that partner with Horseland.

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horse brands australia


Akubra is one of the best-making hat companies in Australia. It is one of the horse brands that partners with Horseland. It makes high-quality hats that offer protection against harsh climatic conditions. Akubra has been operation for over 120 years and ensures that the hat is handled for kore than 60 times before production is finished,


Ariat is very keen on providing horse riders with innovative footwear that delivers the best performance in different conditions, climates, and riding styles.It is one of the horse brands that partners with Horseland. Ariat has incorporated the technology of athletic footwear into equestrianism and pioneered the idea of how to do it.


Dublin Clothing is clothes designed for riders. They are an authentic equestrian brand. This clothing company is owned by riders, and they ensure that the clothing looks and feels excellent for other riders. These clothes are made without compromising performance and prestige.

Dublin provides riders with stylish, modern, and well-designed riders apparel. The footwear is made from trendy and high-quality material that offers different style options and comfort technology.


Collegiate has a range of high-quality products that cover equestrian’s needs when training, riding and caring for their horse. Collegiate is one of the horse brands Australia that partners with Horseland. It has found new ways to strengthen the bond between the rider and horse.

horse brands australia
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Collegiate is keen on luxury, durability, versatility, style, and functionality and ensures that this is implemented on every product that they make.


It creates stylish equestrian sportswear collections for both rider and horse. HV POLO is famous for creating a luxurious and elegant collection. It also has feminine fits. If you seek an active lifestyle riding horses, the HV POLO makes the smart equestrian sportswear for all seasons.

HV POLO Jackets are made with a generous layer to keep you warm through the cold months or during the cold or chilly weather. The soft and warm fabrics allow one to feel and look great. This is the perfect combination of fashion and sports.

HV POLO Horse Pads and horse gear are available in different colors and styles. It also has dressage boots, headcollars, and blankets. The horse pads allow the horse to breathe and stay comfortable.

Crosby Saddles

Crosby Saddles create a quality and perfects the balance of comfort, support, and performance for both the rider and horse.It is one of the horse brands that partners with Horseland.The saddles are perfect for any competition. It is made from the finest quality, soft and long-lasting leather. The saddles are created through traditional handmade and innovative designs that create the best riding saddle.


Ceva helps you find Horse Liniment, Feeds, Supplements and  Horse Wormers, Saddle Soap, and Saddle Oil. It also offers various horse health and tack care supplies and stable equipment. These essentials help keep your horse healthy and happy. It has everything from water stain protectors, hoof polish, wormers, and conditioners to boot gel.

Ceva also has essentials for grooming like hair tonics, shampoos, and conditioners to add more luster. It also provides health and pest control like stable sprays, liquid wormers, and joint supplements.

Kincade Saddles

Kincade Saddles has quality saddles at affordable prices. They include dressage, stock saddles that are all-purpose. It also has an extensive selection of grooming products like leads, hay bags, and halters. Kincade saddles have all the products you need to keep your horse looked after, well-groomed, and fed.

Other Horse brands that partner with Horseland include Eurostar, Abion, Spooks, Thomas Cook, Wrangler, Pure Western, Kelato, and Kohnkes Own.


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