5 Romantic European Destinations Every Couple Has To Visit

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European Destinations

Every couple out there, regardless of the stage of the relationship, dreams about a lovely romantic getaway. However, finding a beautiful, safe, and an affordable location is anything but simple. That being said, some people tend to consult travel agents (which also costs money), others are waiting for a friendly recommendation, and certain men and women get ideas while browsing celebrity Snapchat names and other famous social accounts. All of these methods are completely fine, but we decided to save you some of your precious time and help you with the selection. Here are the 5 romantic destinations in Europe you simply have to visit with your significant other.

Chassignolles, France

If you dream of a movie-like getaway with your better half, this magical place is the perfect choice for you. Chassignolles is a rather isolated place, located at 3,000 feet in the Livradois-Forez, France’s largest national park. This breathtaking destination resides only 100 miles southwest of Lyons, so finding it is not that much of a trouble. Auberge de Chassignolles motel is the only place to stay there. It has only eight rather basic rooms, so you must call and book a room in advance. This intimate village has it all – stunning views, old churches, beautiful meadows, and, most importantly, the peace you can enjoy with your loved one.

Oxford, England

This romantic location is absolutely perfect for couples who are into Medieval British architecture. Oxford is only two hours away from London, but it offers a rather peaceful atmosphere that you should definitely share with your lover. Nature is quite stunning too. The perfect lawns, trees, lakes, and ponds will make you feel like you’re living inside of an old British romantic film. Of course, the presence of the magnificent University of Oxford will only make your stay more enjoyable.

Northern Norway

If you want to gaze at stars and beautiful Northern Lights, pack your bags and book two tickets for Northern Norway. This breathtaking region of this beautiful country is something every couple has to experience, at least once. This is absolutely the best location to see the famous Northern Lights, especially if you choose to travel there between October and April. Trust us, this is a life-changing journey.

VicoEquense, Italy

It’s safe to say that VicoEquense is probably one of the best romantic locations for couples. Therefore, if you’re interested in a quiet summer getaway, you should definitely check this place out. VicoEquense is a small and cozy village on the Sorrento Coast that’s filled with lovely old houses and churches. If you get hungry from all the coastal beauty, you should visit Annamaria Cuomo and Salvatore De Gennaro restaurants and taste the lovely Italian cuisine.

Porto, Portugal

This wonderful city is one of the most famous trading locations in entire Europe. In Porto, you’ll have the chance to see unique cobble-stoned streets, the examples of old architecture, and stunning churches. Make sure to visit the lovely Duoro Valley which is famous for its vineyards. As you probably know, this entire country is known for its glorious vine. They’ve been making this tasty drink for more than 2000 years, so it’s safe to assume that this place is perfect for a young couple.


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