Velika Plaza Beach, Ulcinj

Velika Plaza boasts the largest beach (13 km) along the Montenegrin coast, yet remains undiscovered by the masses. 

The old town of Ulcinj

The coastal town of Ulcinj has a rich history dating to the Bronze Age and involves settling by Greeks, a medieval shipwreck with African slaves that became part of the town’s population, and a legacy as one of the pirate capitals of the Adriatic Sea.

Ulcinj is an old town – a fortress built on a mountain overlooking the coast and is quite the attraction independent of the beach itself.

On the beach

The Velika Plaza is a premier kiteboarding spot because of its size and the onshore winds there.

Together with the shallow warm water, this is a great place for family vacationing, with no water obstacles or adverse effects from tide changes, and with a mild current. Perfect for learning kiteboarding.

Other smaller beaches

There are also smaller, pebbly beaches nearby that many enjoy because of the privacy they afford. One of them is the Female Beach between the Albatros and Galeb hotels. According to the locals, the beach’s water that contains sulfides is had a positive influence on female health. So this women-only nudist beach is visited by many women, some from far abroad.

Also, there is Sasko lake and Ulcinj’s salt pond (Port Milena). With over 200 species of birds, they are very popular with birdwatchers.

Getting there

One can get to Ulcinj via two-lane highway, or by the Adriatic Motorway. There are nearby airports in Tivat and in Podgorica.

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Hotels near the beach

  • Apartments Tati
    3 stars
  • HTP Velika Plaza
  • Otrant Beach Resort
  • Hotel Bellevue
    1 stars
  • Iberostar Otrant
    4 stars


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  • Umbrellas

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Ulcinj, Montenegro