Red Beach, Santorini

A volcanic island, Santorini is famous mostly for its landscapes, seascapes, and sunsets. If you’re the sort that enjoys the unique and rare, an acquaintance with the red sands of the Red beach of Santorini is something that you’ll forever appreciate.

For those who like collecting pretty shells and pebbles, Red beach is a treasure trove.

Getting there

Santorini is easily accessible by air and sea, as it has its own airport and seaport. To get around on Santorini, there are lots of means of transport available:

  • public buses
  • private buses
  • rental cars
  • scooters
  • all-terrain vehicles and
  • bicycles.

The island is explorable on foot too, and there are many walks along the beach that make the experience one of a kind. Each of these means will get you to the Red beach.

Like Porto Katsiki, Red beach is also surrounded by cliffs, and there are steps that lead down to the beach. Water taxis and schooners have direct access to the beach.

On the beach

A crowded place, the Red beach does not boast of water sports. However, snorkeling in these waters is recommended, as there is a plethora of sea life situated in these waters, so bring your own equipment.

There are no public showers or changing facilities, but umbrellas and chaise lounges are available for rent. A unique feature of this beach are the spectacular sunsets that a tourist can see from here.

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Hotels near the beach

There are no accommodations available near the beach, however, there are many in Fira, the island capital.

  • Nefeles Luxury Suites
    4 stars
  • Dana Villas Hotel & Suites
    3 stars
  • Alta Vista Suites
    5 stars
  • Celestia Grand
  • Enigma Apartments & Suites
    4 stars
  • Panorama Boutique Hotel
    4 stars


  • Sunbeds
  • Umbrellas

Beach on the map

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