Brazil is an exciting country full of some of the most beautiful, well-preserved, and lively beaches in the world. For couples looking for a romantic getaway, the beaches of Brazil are an ideal place. While the country has many amazing beaches, these are the top five for couples who want to have a great vacation together and experience everything Brazil has to offer.

Copacabana Beach

Copacabana Beach is located in Rio and is one of the most famous beaches in the world. From the beach one can see the well-known Sugarloaf Mountain.

Copacabana Beach

This beach is a great place for couples because there is plenty to do and see. For the couple that enjoys exercising together, there are volleyball nets, football courts, and training equipment available right on the beach. For the couple that prefers to relax, there is a promenade to walk around the beach, as well as a weekend market that sells souvenirs.

With lifeguards and fairly calm waves, it is safe to go swimming in the water, although it might be a bit crowded. Copacabana is also a great place for couples to people-watch while sunbathing, or enjoy some food and drinks from one of the many vendors that are always around.

After a long day, there are many amazing places to eat right near the Copacabana, many with romantic views of the beach.
For example:

  • Siri Mole is a great place to have traditional Brazilian cuisine, or, for couples on a budget
  • Marius has barbecued meat as well as seafood.

The beach is easily accessible by subway, and also has many hotels in the area, so getting there is simple.

Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach is also located in Rio and is nearly as famous as Copacabana, probably in part to the romantic song, “The Girl from Ipanema”.

Ipanema Beach

This beach is located in a wealthy area of the city and is famous for its art galleries and luxury shopping. It is perfect for couples who want to enjoy the local culture while still spending time in the sun. Active couples can join in a game of frescobol, and at night there is always a stunning sunset.

While Ipanema is a perfect place to sunbathe, the water here can be quite dangerous. So it is best to stay on the sand.

Nearby, there is a famous market known as the “Hippie Market”, which reflects the counter-culture past of the Ipanema neighborhood.

The neighborhood has many upscale eateries, such as:

  • Casa de Feijoada, which serves feijoada, a beans and pork stew
  • Garota de Ipanema, the bar where the song “The Girl from Ipanema” was written.

Because Ipanema is such a major attraction, it is very easy to get to by taxi, bus, or subway.

Lagoinha do Leste Beach

For the couple that prefers quiet over crowds, Lagoinha do Leste is a perfect choice. Located on the island of Florianopolis, this remote beach is only accessible by hiking trail, making it much more intimate than the beaches of Rio. But that doesn’t that mean that there isn’t plenty to experience here.

Lagoinha do Leste Beach

After a 2.5 hour hike, couples will be rewarded with views of gorgeous white dunes, blue water, and Atlantic forest. This beach is very popular for surfing, but keep in mind that there are no lifeguards. It is best not to swim in the sea, but rather in the nearby lagoon.

This beach is largely untouched by the outside world, so there are no trash cans, restaurants, bathrooms, or any of the conveniences offered at larger beaches. Yet that is the appeal for couples who enjoy time alone in outdoors. What could be more romantic than camping on the beach under the stars?

There are also opportunities to go whale-watching, horseback riding, and rafting on the island of Florianopolis. As there are not many opportunities to get food or drinks on the island, it is best to pack food. This treasure of a beach is only accessible on foot, but it is well worth it.

Espelho Beach

Espelho Beach is located in the city of Porto Seguro. It is often called “Mirror Beach”, due to the clear, calm water. This beach is close to downtown Trancoso.

Espelho Beach

Couples can enjoy scuba diving in the warm water and viewing beautiful coral reefs. There are also natural pools to observe the biodiversity of Brazil.

Couples can relax in tents on the sand in the shade of coconut trees or enjoy the view from the cliffs overlooking the sea. The calm water makes it perfect for swimming and there should be plenty of room on the beach for sunbathing.

Couples looking for something else to see can make their way to the Quadrado, the historic center of Trancoso, where they can see colorful houses, unique shops, and restaurants.

This area is fun to walk around and comes alive in the evening. When it comes time to eat, Recanto is a restaurant right on the beach that will allow couples to enjoy great food without missing the incredible view.

This beach is accessible by car or taxi, and it should be noted there is a fee for parking.

Praia do Sancho

Considered by some as the “best beach in the world”, Praia do Sancho is located on the island of Fernando de Noronha. This unspoiled beach has crystal clear blue water, white sand, and stunning cliffs in the middle of the sea.

Praia do Sancho

This location is ideal for couples who want to get away from the crowd but still see a breathtaking sight. Adventurous couples can climb up the cliffs and dive into the water below, or simply view wild dolphins and nesting birds.

During the rainy season, the beach closes early to accommodate hatching sea turtles. The clear, still water of the bay is perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and the pristine sand is a great spot for sunbathing.

As the island is fairly isolated, there are few places to shop and eat. But for couples looking to stay on the island, there are many inns that provide food and lodging.

It is a bit difficult to get to this beach, which is accessible only by plane or boat. However, the unique and gorgeous scenery of Praia do Sancho make it well worth the effort.