There are many beaches for families in Mexico perfect for get away and retreats. All of them have different features that make them more appealing depending on what the tourists are looking for. However the following are recommended for families with kids.

Playa Norte

It is the most beautiful beach in the island known for the exquisite blue shallow waters and rare waves. This fact makes it very suitable for families with kids since their safety is out of question while swimming and scuba diving.

Playa Norte

The shallow depth of the water allows one to walk far in the water. The soft white sand is suitable for walking. The beach is easily accessible by golf cars which are readily available or by just walking from the ferry dock. Plenty of activities for kids are provided inclusive of water toys.

The east corner of the Play Norte beach is very good for snorkeling.

The beach is also close to the restaurants that serve good food and provide restrooms. The restaurant staff is very welcoming with impeccable customer service. Vendors walk along the beach selling fruits, cold refreshments and ice cream which is convenient to the tourists that they do not have to keep moving in search of some necessities. Along the beach are also shops for souvenirs like bracelets bangles and hats.

Some other facilities are

  • massage parlor
  • a gym
  • hammocks for relaxing
  • and barbecue for guests on Sundays.

Playa del Amor

This beach lays on the Marieta Islands, just off the coast of Mexico. It is a beautiful double-sided beach, one side is facing the sea of Cortez, where water is tranquil and suitable for swimming, while other side is facing the ocean. The sand is soft and warm protecting the feet while walking. The sea-side beach which is safe for kids, while the ocean side is more suitable for sunbathing, making it one of the best beaches for families.

Playa del Amor

The beach can be reached by boats and taxis.

The Playa Del Amor is surrounded by gorgeous coral reefs and it offers wildlife viewing opportunities, such as:

  • rare birds
  • dolphins
  • humpback whales
  • Manta rays
  • and the colorful fish on the bay side.

Alongside the wildlife viewing, the beach is close to the Famous Arch where people get to see sea lions.

Activities like surfing and snorkeling are plenty there.

Beach vendors sell refreshments and souvenirs. Restaurants are readily available to serve pizza, nachos, tacos and other kinds of Mexican delicacies.

Paradise Beach

The Paradise beach is located in the Cozumel area of Mexico. It is known as one of the most suitable beaches for the families in Mexico, due to the fact that it is not very crowded.

Paradise Beach

The beach is usually maintained and kept clean and has clear blue water.

Water toys like:

  • inflatables
  • kayaks
  • water trampolines
  • water slides
  • and water mats

are provided, which makes the beach suitable for families with kids.

One side of the water gets rocky because of the corals which makes it perfect for snorkeling.

Free WiFi with a reasonable speed is available which helps the tourists to keep abreast with the outside world during their retreat.

Akumal Beach

Akumal is a small town between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. The beach there is one of the best places to visit in the Mexican Caribbean for its great variety of beautiful beaches and tourist services.

Akumal Beach

The town has a beautiful bay with a wide white sand beach, wonderfully warm blue water pleasing to the eye. The beach is known for the prominent palm trees everywhere around it and garden grounds which serve as picnic spots.

Shallow waters make it suitable for kids to swim since their safety is assured. Water toys are available to play with, while such activities as football and paddle boarding are provided.

Other additional facilities include:

  • free W-iFi with a good strength
  • a spa where one can get a massage
  • wellness center
  • tennis courts
  • hammocks
  • relaxations pools
  • a large main pool for adults and a kids pool that ensures that parents have some privacy of their own
  • bike rentals.

Restaurants nearby are easy to get into without reservations and the vicinity is usually quiet. Also, there are a several accommodation options. Rooms are kept neat with great housekeeping and each has a water view and the rooftops offer a beautiful view of sunrise and sunset.

Balandra Beach

The Balandra Beach is optimal far diving and snorkeling due to its tranquil waters and still natural beauty. The place has awesome weather for swimming all year round, and is usually less congested than others around the area.

Balandra Beach

The ocean water is clean and warm, which makes this beach very suitable for families with kids. The shallow water depth close to the shore and very few waves makes it safe for swimming.

Close to the Balandra beach is the Mushroom rock which serves as an additional tourist attraction site.

Activities for families with kids are available, for example:

  • hiking
  • kayaking
  • paddle boarding
  • and snorkeling.

Local vendors are at the tourists’ service at all times selling ice cream, cold drinks and souvenirs to take home with.