For the lucky ones who had already been to the mesmerizing Seychelles, the word “picturesque” has surely obtained a brand new meaning.

Many things about beaches in Seychelles are hard to describe with words, starting with the amazing views, breathtaking scenery, unusual landscape, the color of the water, charming luxury, delicious food, warm people. You must be there to get to know the true meaning of heavenly beauty on earth. Each beach is peculiar in its own way.

However, for those who had not been there yet or for those who had and plan their second holiday, here is a review of the top five beaches in these gorgeous islands.

Anse Lazio Beach

Anse Lazio is definitely among the five top beaches in the country since it is the embodiment of a breathtaking scenery, crystal-clear water, and heavenly nature.

Anse Lazio Beach

The beach deserved rank 1 in this list mainly due to a rather unusual scenery. It stands out at the first sight due to its soft sand being somewhat scattered by huge rocks that inevitably remind of images of deserted islands everyone wishes to end up at least once in a lifetime. Visitors can rarely resist climbing one of the huge rocks and enjoy the romantic sunset while sitting there.

If it gets too hot for swimming or sunbathing, you can always look for a shade under one of many trees on the beach.

Anse Lazio is a great choice since tourists can pick between the most luxurious hotels with spa centers and 5-star service and luxury villas, where you can truly feel the spirit of the local life.

At this beach, stay is never boring. Some of the activities at Anse Lazio can be:

  • ski jet
  • snorkeling
  • climbing to the mountain near the beach
  • exploring the beach fauna including turtles
  • and even fishing on the beach.

Let’s add that getting there and access to the beach are both very easy.

Beau Vallon Beach

Beau Vallon bay is one of the most popular beaches in Seychelles. In the same time, it is the longest beach on the island.

Beau Vallon Beach

The beach has found its place in this list due to several things:

  • incredibly white and soft sand
  • sea water that gently comes over it creating magical champagne-white spume
  • and one of the most scenic sunsets among all the beaches there.

Mesmerizing coral reefs in a mix with completely transparent water make a difference from the other nearby beaches and had turned Beau Vallon into a snorkeling and diving paradise.

These two activities are the key attractions for the visitors, followed by sightseeing north from the beach itself. The cliffs and the coves guarantee an out-of-this-world experience.

Arriving there is simple and the lodging choices vary from several rather old (but often renovated) and traditional large hotels to numerous smaller and charming places to stay.

Anse Major Beach

According to many, the Anse Major Beach is one of the most charming beaches in Seychelles. There are two exciting ways how to get there: by boat or hiking.

Anse Major Beach

Hiking would definitely be the more pleasant option, as you must pass by the granite rocks which offer a truly scenic experience. Also, this option provides an enriched journey since you will pass through the National Park Morne Seychellois, which indeed makes this route and the beach itself stand out.

Also, the effort will pay off once one arrives at the beach, as its open view to the endless sea will serve as the best possible rest after trekking or hiking, which are both arriving option and key attraction.

Alike Anse Lazio, this beach also hides gigantic rocks both on the beach and in the water. As Anse Major Beach has preserved its natural form, an important thing one must be aware of is that the nearest hotel is about 1.8 miles away.

Anse Georgette Beach

According to numerous reviews, visitors mark this beach as among the top in the world, not only among the beaches in Seychelles. The reasons are plenty:

  • flour-like sand
  • transparent and clean water
  • and rarely seen sharp horizon line between the sea and the sky which are both blue.

The Anse Georgette Beach is completely clean from the rocks that are truly amazing. This emptiness and serenity make it inevitably charming and picturesque in a natural and simple way. The dolphins the visitors will notice add value to the overall pleasant spirit of this place.

Anse Georgette Beach

This beach is also somewhat exclusive, as the visits rate is adjusted to its natural appearance – they are low and kept low on purpose. The beach is therefore usually quiet and serene. Arriving there is easy in technical terms, but with prior reservation mentioned above.

Anse Marron Beach

This beach definitely deserved ranking among the top as it represents a true sculpture in nature. It is a masterpiece made of numerous smaller sculptures – rocks, positioned in larger groups creating intriguing shapes.

Anse Marron Beach

Observed from above, it almost represents a maze traveling both through the beach sand and the blue water. Arriving there is possible by boat or hiking. Getting around might be tricky without a guide and comfortable shoes.

The rock maze in the water is very narrow at places. It makes this beach extremely picturesque but potentially dangerous for the adventurous ones.

Attractions include intense rock climbing for the brave and sporty ones and tidal pools for relaxing. Trekking is a valuable option as well. There are numerous quality accommodation options in the vicinity.