Glorious yellow sunshine, ocean waters hitting the white sand, and people chilling out around. The sun, the sand, and the sea never really disappoint anyone. Beaches have always been the relaxing hub, in every season, for every traveler. Whether it is a hot summer or a chilling autumn, the crowd is always there.

See below a review of the best beaches in Thailand to visit this winter, and feel the summer vibes.

Karon Beach

This is a clean long beach that stretches more than 3 miles with a good amount of green plants around. Unlike some of the other beaches, Karon beach is comparatively quieter and peaceful with very few bars or pubs around, which makes it perfect for a family holiday.

Karon Beach

It is surely one of the best beaches in Thailand. Coming to the accommodation, the beach does have some hotels nearby that are just walking distance, for example Beyond resort. The local food on the streets is also worth a try. It is just around an hour from the Phuket airport and nearby the Patong beach. November to April is the best time to visit here. Water skiing, banana board, and windsurfing are quite popular here. A perfect stop for a family getaway.

Kata Noi Beach

Located on the southwest side of Phuket, this is a quiet, cozy and a very clean beach to spend a lazy afternoon. The blue waters and soft sand with less crowd make it the perfect place for spending a day doing nothing except chilling out and watching the beautiful scenery around.

It connects to the main Kata beach through a steep set of steps, which is perfect as you can spend the whole day relaxing in Kata Noi beach and go to the Kata in the evening for a couple of drinks and partying.

Kata Noi Beach

Talking about the attractions on the beach itself, there are not many things available except some few bars or food stalls. To have a good meal you will have to go near the Kata beach again. The Katathani Resort occupies the front end of the beach and seems to be a good place to stay with all its rooms facing the beach side.

Surfing is a popular sport on the beach. The beach is directly connected to the Kata beach and hence there is no difficulty to be faced while getting there. To relax the whole day away from the busy places, this is an ideal place.

Hat Sai Kaew Beach

Also known as the diamond beach of Koh Samet, this beach is renowned for its beautiful ambiance, crystal clear turquoise blue waters, and exciting nightlife.

The Hat Sai Kaew Beach is usually busy with the crowd drinking and enjoying the music being played around making it a perfect dream beach party destination.

Hat Sai Kaew Beach

The beach is ideal for swimming, but one can also rent a long chair and relax the whole day.

There are hotels nearby like The Sai Kaew beach resort, Samed Pavilion resort, Samed Grandview resort.

Sports activities like windsurfing and jet-skiing are very popular among many tourists. To have an amazing night, this place is worth a visit.

Patong Beach

Beautiful blue sea with an amazing view, this beach lies on the west coast of Phuket with a 3.5 km stretch. It is one of the most famous beaches in Thailand that attracts a lot of crowds.

Patong Beach

The reason the beach stands out is the main clue to its nightlife, the food, and the water sports. Discos, bars, and restaurants can be found in every nook and corner here. There are plenty of food stalls and every type of food is pretty much available. Also, you can visit the nearby Bangla road for more options.

Water activities like parasailing, banana boat, and jet skiing are popular. The beach is busy most of the time, yet it is quite clean which is a plus point. You can either try one of these or just sit back and relax. Massages are popular on this beach.

As soon as the sun sets, the lively nightlife of Patong turns up with loud music, dancing, and flashy lights. One negative point can be the lack of proper shower rooms and toilets.

The lodging is also really good with hotels like Patong beach resort, Patong boutique hotel, and much more right on the beach. Overall it is an amazing place to visit if you want to have some exciting fun and a memorable night experience.

Patong beach is like the heart of all tourist beach destinations. Being the main center of attraction, reaching here is not a trouble. For tourists with an intention of boozing, and partying all day long, this makes the best place.

Sunrise Beach

Soft white sand and crystal clear water with fishes swimming in it, that is what defines this divine beach. The calmness of the beach and the relaxed environment is a perfect escape from reality. Located on the west coast of Koh Lipe, the Sunrise Beach is around 2 km wide.

Sunrise Beach

The place is very less crowded. It does have many restaurants and bars but still retains its along with it, which is something extremely fascinating. To make the most of the opportunity, tourists reach the beach as early as 5 in the morning to watch the glorious sunrise from the sea. Not many beaches in Thailand offer you such priceless beauty.

Activities like swimming and snorkeling are very famous here. The accommodation is also good with many resorts on and around the beach. The weather is also usually pleasant and nor too cold neither too hot.

Being quite a famous beach, transport facilities in Koh Lipe can easily get you here.

Some tips to remember:

  • Be careful when playing water sports to avoid injuries
  • It is advisable to stay safe while swimming by not going deep in the waters
  • Be careful of vendors and shopkeepers that might try to con you on the beaches
  • Take proper care of your belongings on the beach is advised.