If you are a professional surfer, or just want to surf for fun, and you are looking for a more exotic destination, beaches of Indonesia might be the best solution for you. It is a country with nearly 55 km of coastline, with 17,508 islands, tropical climate, and a breathtaking nature. Due to all of this reasons, you could consider this country for your next surfing adventure. Below, you will have a list of five best beaches for surfers which are worth visiting.


One of the most famous places for surf is definitely Mentawai, a chain of nearly seventy islands off the western coast of the island Sumatra. It is known worldwide as a surfing paradise, with a perfect climate, amazing waves and great surf possibilities and conditions.


One of the best things about this island is that there is practically no bad timing to come. Although the surf season is from May to October, you won’t be disappointed even if you do not come in this period. The reason is because of the island’s specific climate, with calm winds which provide that the waves are consistent during the year. One thing that should be pointed out, is that if you are planning to come with a smaller group, you should consider visiting the island out of season because then the islands are less crowded.

Almost every beach has a lifeguard during the surf season. Because of the popularity of this place for surfers, there is a big offer of surfing camps. Some of them are on an only accommodation base, and the others that offer wider services, are very well equipped and suitable for families with children, as well.

Regarding other activities, islands offer great opportunities for diving, snorkeling, and trekking as well. There is also a possibility of renting equipment. If you are a beginner in surfing, it is useful to know that many of the surf camps offer surf lessons. Almost all of the most popular beaches have an easy access.

Uluwatu Beach

The next attractive place for surfers is the Uluwatu Beach at Bali island. It is famous for its remarkable nature and strong waves. Best surfing time is during the dry season, from Apr to Sep. This is due to winds which flow from the southeast to the west and provide spectacular waves.

Uluwatu Beach

Some of the features of this beach are also:

  • panoramic view
  • big, powerful, long swell waves, with the average size from 3 up to 5 feet
  • camps and lodging available for surfers
  • surf shops
  • a parking area
  • and showers.

Areas of safe swim are marked with flags and in certain places, there are also lifeguards. There is a wide selection of water sports on this beach, you can even take a water sports tour, which includes activities like:

  • parasailing
  • snorkeling
  • water ski
  • glass bottom boat
  • jet ski
  • and many others.

Here it is also possible to take surf lessons in one of the many schools, and you can even rent a personal surf guide. The access to the beach is easy, you can reach to it with no difficulties.

Padang Padang Beach

Another surfing paradise is Padang Padang Beach, in Bali as well. located on the northwestern coast of Bali, it is one of the most famous surf spots on the island. The beach is most famous for its fast barrelling waves, and amazing nature and vegetation.

Pandang Pandang Beach

It is very suitable for beginners, because of its easy waves. The reason is that the winds are not that strong, but still enough to maintain the surface of the ocean wavy. This beach is very popular among tourists as well and can be crowded sometimes.

Due to this reason, services of lifeguards are provided, as well as the big choice of lodging facilities. There is also a possibility of renting equipment and activities like windsurfing, diving, and many others. Also, there are a few schools that provide you to make your first steps in this wonderful discipline. The access to the beach is easy enough.

Selong Belanak Beach

If you are a beginner in surfing, the best choice for you could be Selong Belanak beach in Lombok Island. It is best known for its easy winds and waves, which are perfect for beginners. Also, the color of the sea and white sand can make this experience even more fantastic.

Selong Belanak Beach

It is a very long beach that faces Indian ocean, famous for its not so high waves and perfectly clean water. The best time to visit this beach is from Apr to Oct. The beach, although it is popular, is not so crowded, which makes it a perfect choice for a calm vacation.

The access to the beach is not easy, because it requires a bit of ups and downs in the last 15 km. Also, there are not so many road signs, but you can ask the residents of the island, who are very friendly and helpful.

In the area, you can find some lodging and even rent a villa.

Besides surfing, this beach is not so famous by its water sports, but it is perfect to rest and relax. Even though there are no many sports activities, you can find a few surfing schools to begin your surfing adventure. There is also a possibility of surf equipment rental. Also, there are lifeguards on the beach, so it is safe for families with children as well.

Pink Beach

One of the beaches that will overwhelm you with their beauty is Pink Beach, in Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara. The pink color of the sand comes from the microscopic animals, which produce a red pigment.

Pink Beach, Komodo

The beach and it is also famous by its magical sunset. The best time to visit the beach is any time of the year. But if you prefer a calm vacation, it should be off season, because this beach is very popular and can get really crowded.

The access to the beach by car can be difficult, because of the damaged local roads. When you get to the beach, there are plenty activities provided. First of all, it as famous as one of the most popular beaches in Indonesia for surfers, because of the calm winds and consistent waves, but most of all because of the spectacular panorama.

Despite surfing, there are many other possible water sports, but diving and snorkeling are especially popular on this beach, due to the very rich underwater life. On this beach, there is no surf equipment rental nor schools for surfers.

There is also no accommodation or surf camp on the beach itself, but you can find it in the nearest city Mataram, which provides a huge selection of hotels. There is a lifeguard service on the beach.