Pink Beach, Komodo

Best 5 beaches for surfers in Indonesia

If you are a professional surfer, or just want to surf for fun, and you are looking for a more exotic destination, beaches of Indonesia might be the best solution for you.

Jumeirah Beach

Best beaches to spend a weekend in the United Arab Emirates

Weekend gateways are a perfect way to unwind from the busy everyday workload. They can help to forget the pressures that come with working too much and having no time to rest. They are a wonderful way to renergise and what other place to find this serenity than the ecstatic beaches of the United Arab Emirates.

Ipanema Beach

Top Five Most Romantic Beaches in Brazil

Brazil is an exciting country full of some of the most beautiful, well-preserved, and lively beaches in the world. For couples looking for a romantic getaway, the beaches of Brazil are an ideal place.

Akumal Beach

Top 5 beaches for families with kids in Mexico

There are many beaches for families in Mexico perfect for get away and retreats. All of them have different features that make them more appealing depending on what the tourists are looking for. However the following are recommended for families with kids.