Pink Sands Beach, Rangiroa

The Pink Sands Beach is located on the Southeastern side of Rangiroa, 355 km North-East of Tahiti. Travelers usually arrive there by boat, provided by a hotel.

While on the beach

Tourists can enjoy exploring an isolated and clean Pink Sands Beach and taking part in such activities as:

  • swimming
  • scuba diving
  • and snorkeling.

The most known diving sites are:

  • Blue Lagoon
  • Avatoru
  • Tiputa

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Hotels near the beach

The recommended accommodations in Rangiroa are:

  • Kia Ora Resort & Spa (4 stars)
  • Le Maitai Rangiroa (3 stars)
  • Pension Bounty
  • Rangiroa MikiMiki Lodge
  • Hotel Raira Lagon


  • Watersports
This beach also may be known as:
  • Les Sables Roses

Beach on the map

The Pink Sands, Rangiroa