Oprna beach, Stara Baska, Krk

Located on the Krk Island, about 2 km from Stara Baska, in southern part of the island, Oprna beach is a small beautiful pebble beach.

This quiet undeveloped beach with clear waters can be a great choice for nature lovers. There is no standard beach facilities in the surrounding area, just a small bar nearby.

Getting to the beach

You can easily access the beach from Punat or Baska using a car. You just need to follow road signs for Stara Baska, and then about 2 km to the Skrila camping site. However, the Oprna bay itself is not easily accessible, there is a steep path downhill. In fact, the best way to reach it is by boat.

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Hotels near the beach

Some hotels and pansions can be found in Punat, Basla or Stara Baska:

  • Hotel Kanajt
    4 stars
  • Pansion Nadia
  • Heritage Hotel Forza
  • Hotel Tamaris
    3 stars
  • Pansion Burin
    3 stars
This beach also may be known as:
  • Stara Baska Beach

  • Oprna Bay

Beach on the map

Stara Baska, Krk Island, Croatia