Olympos Beach, Cirali, Antalya

Laid on the Mediterranean coast in Antalya province, Olympus beach is famous as the place to see Chimera – natural flames issuing from the rocky mountains.

Getting there

To get to the beach from Antalya you can use a rented car. In this case, the trip is possible using a narrow road off the D400 highway.
Also, there is a public transport service, although not direct.

Hotels and pensions are available in the villages of Cirali and Olympus, and getting to the beach from these villages is just a matter of a 15 min walk.

Photo gallery

Hotels near the beach

  • Olympos Lodge
  • Canada Hotel
  • Bellerofon Hotel
  • Hotel Villa Monte, Cirali
    3 stars
  • Anatolia Resort
    3 stars

Beach on the map

Cirali, Antalya, Turkey