Myrtos Beach

This half-mile long beach just north of Argostoli, Kefalonia is surrounded by white rocky cliffs adorned with beautiful green foliage. 

Occasionally mountain goats can be spotted on the cliff’s edge.

How to get to the beach

Myrtos beach is accessible by a steep winding road that has several taverns at its top. Also, you can get there by a public bus that departs from Agia Efimia at regular intervals. The road leads to a private car park for visitors. After that, it’s just a short walk to the beach which is comprised by smooth white cobblestones.

Received several awards for its cleanliness and beauty, this beach which has a bar selling snacks and drinks as well as lounge and umbrella rentals.

Adding to its allure is a cave on the south end of the beach that tourists can swim through and explore.

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Hotels near the beach

  • Braunis Horio Villas
  • Olive Bay Hotel
  • Kefalonia Bay Palace
    4 stars
  • Minas Apartments
  • Cosi’s Inn


  • Car Parking
  • Sunbeds
  • Umbrellas

Beach on the map

Pylaros, Kefalonia