Maunganui Beach, Bay of Plenty

Located in the Bay of Plenty, close to the city of Tauranga, the Maunganui Beach is a popular tourist spot. This expansive white sand beach is consistently voted as the best beach in New Zealand.

One of the popular activities here is a hike to the Mount Maunganui, in addition to swimming, surfing (lifeguard patrols are present) and sunbathing. Other optionsĀ golfing and shopping, as the beach is also home to many high-end boutiques. The beach is also famous for its hot salt water pools, which have therapeutic qualities.

Close to the Maunganui Beach is a very diverse array of eateries, restaurants, and beachside cafes.

How to get there

The most common way of moving from the Mount Maunganui town to the beach is walking, although there are also many people who prefer to cycle or use a taxi.

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Hotels near the beach

The range of accommodations available close to the beach is also diverse and includes apartments, hostels, hotels, motels, and holiday homes.

Some most recommended are:

  • The Pacific Apartments
    4 stars
  • Hotel Armitage
    3 stars
  • Oceanside Resort & Twin Towers
    5 stars
  • Baywatch Motor Inn
  • Westhaven Motel Travelers’ Choice award winner
  • Mission Belle Motel


  • Toilets
  • Car Parking
  • Watersports

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Marine Parade, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga