Balos Beach, Crete

Balos beach is located in the farthest Northwestern corner of Crete off of the Gramvousa peninsula.

How to get there

It is notoriously hard to access by car although there is a road available. Actually, this will only take you part of the way: you will have to park and walk about an hour the rest of the way along a small path. Alternatively, the beach can be reached by boat. For example, in the city of Kissamos is possible to takeĀ a day cruise for just such an occasion.

On the beach

This beach offers little in the way of accommodations with a small tavern on the right edge being the only amenity available.

Clear blue waters and white sands of the Balos Beach are perfect for natural activities such as snorkeling. This is particularly true of the left edge of the lagoon where the waters tend to be deeper.

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Hotels near the beach

Most of the options can be found in Kissamos village, about 5 km from the beach:

  • Balos Beach Hotel
    3 stars
  • Hotel Hermes
    3 stars
  • Olive Tree Apartments
  • Kissamos Hotel
    2 stars
  • Gramvoussa Bay

Beach on the map

Kaliviani, Kissamos,
Crete 734 00,